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  Welcome to Northampton Growers.   With our home office located on Virginia's Eastern Shore, NGPSI was founded in 1959 and has been a trading member of the Produce Reporter Company since 1969. The company has grown, since that time, from a two person operation to a full-time in-house staff of thirty employees.

Our primary business is packing quality produce for distribution to chain stores, wholesale markets, and terminal markets, along the east coast of the United States. Working in cooperation with field inspectors, our operations throughout the East include locations in Fairfield, NC, Elizabeth City, NC, Moultrie, GA, Norman Park, GA, Hastings, Fl, and Boynton Beach, Fl.

NGPSI's main goal is to provide a high quality product, in fresh condition, to our customers. Moreover, we are here to serve you, our clients and our potential clients, and provide you with answers to all your inquiries about our produce. Visit our contact us page for information regarding contact information as well as company information.

To view a list of current weather conditions in one of our four locations please click the following, weather, and a pop-up window courtesy of weather.com will display. If the station lacks a report refresh or come back at a later time.

We now have greens available! Kale, collards, mustards and turnip greens are available from our Georgia location. Hydro-cooled and packed on ice, these greens are delivered fresh and crisp. Visit the products page for a full line of products we have available.